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200 x 9’10 fiber optic sensory sideglow kit


  • Description

    These color changing sensory lighting kits consist of polymer fibers in a clear sleeve, cracked to leak light out the sides. The result is  a magical sparkle effect and with a colorwheel in the generator the gentle colorchange provides visual stimulation for children and adults with special needs.  The color change can also have a profound calming effect, beneficial to children and adults with anxiety or sleep disorders.

    The fiber optic strands are completely safe to touch due to the absence of electricity. The strands only carry light. All our sensory kits are certified phthalate free. The generator does get warm and should be kept out of reach.

    This kit comes as standard with 200 tails x 9’10 and Microled 1000 LED generator, a tiny seven color generator which is completely controlled by two buttons on the rear of the unit. It Features multiple operation modes including static color and color cycling at a choice of three speeds. Estimated lamp life 50000 hours.

    Available upgrades:

    Microled 4000 LED generator which is supplied with a touch sensitive remote control which allows you to pick the exact color output you require. It also offers a range of color cycling options at a choice of speeds.

  • Additional information
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    Microled 1000 standard, Microled 4000 with remote control (+$90.00)

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