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200 x 6’6 UV reactive fiber optic sideglow kit


  • Description

    These sidesparkle kits consist of cracked polymer fibers in UV reactive sheathing and glow vibrantly under Ultra Violet black light. Up to 8 different colors of tails can be incorporated into one harness.

    The effect provided by these kits is different to that given by the standard sidesparkle kits. The tails do not change color, but by utilising the shimmer wheel which is supplied as standard, a stunning sparkling effect is achieved – even without the use of UV light. Light the color change sensory harnesses they provide visual stimulation for children and adults with special needs.

    The fiber optic strands are completely safe to touch due to the absence of electricity. The strands only carry light. All our sensory kits are certified phthalate free. The generator does get warm and should be kept out of reach.

    This kit comes as standard with 200 tails x 6’6 and Microled 100T LED generator, white light with twinklewheel and estimated lamp life of 50000 hours.


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